Friday, June 11, 2010

Where So Many Have Gone Before [momentarily delayed]

Welcome to The Spockette's Star Trek Review!

Unfortunately, fate and a sinus infection have prevented me from posting my introduction video blog, so a finely crafted "Be Back Soon" sign will have to due until I'm feeling on top of the weather again.

Please support one woman's effort to single-handedly tackle one of THE best series to ever grace a television screen by Following me. A Twitter for all of my updates is pending!

Live long & watch it.


  1. Feel better soon Tiffany! We have to get you up and running ASAP so we can watch our Star Trek movie!

  2. I love you Tiffany...

    Come to my apartment and watch Star Trek.

    P.S. Did you know that Jonathan Frakes had a small, uncredited role in the 1994 teen film Camp Nowhere? Remember that movie with Jonathan Jackson, Andrew Keegan, and Christopher Lloyd? Yup, Commander Will Riker was totally in it when he was younger. Before he became Patrick Stewart's number one...